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The installation can also be done manually and gives you more options, like different IOS versions and installation of the Forwarder Channel.will work as a Homebrew Application and can be launched from the Homebrew Channel.

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If you want to use the IOS in slot 249 and you are already using will need to change it and reload the one you specified in the User's Settings before continuing the loading process.The advantage of this installation is that it is very easy to install and update the loader manually (place the executable on the SD card or USB device using your computer).The Full Channel mode means that , but you need a USB or SD to store the configuration files.Note: This IOS number is not the one used to specify which feature you will have access, it's only the one used at the launch of the application in order to find the setting files.will later allow you to specify a different IOS slot if you want to use different features (they will be detailed in other pages of this guides).

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