Reverse lookup ptr records not updating

I have pc's that are on the network and devices on the network and it appears that my DHCP server is deleting their leases after they expire, rather than renewing them again since these devices are still powered on and connected to the network. The other side of this issue is after the DHCP lease has expired and gets deleted, it is not updating DNS A and PTR records.

The internal DNS backend currently needs a restart of Samba to take effect. If you are using BIND_DLZ as the backend, then your new zone is directly live without restarting Samba or BIND.

Even though the internal DNS and the BIND DLZ modules are new, they both support all basic requirements for Active Directory and more.

A working Active Directory is heavily based on a working DNS.

By default, Samba creates the following two forward zones during provisioning/upgrading (of course with your own domain name): The Samba internal DNS is a new implementation.

Although BIND is a grown up DNS and long in production on millions of servers, the Samba BIND DLZ module is still new.

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