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Z Rock & Pop characterises in broadcasting music from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and now at Rock & Pop format for 24 hours per day via internet.

Actually it's the ownership of Monsefú's broadcaster Higinio Capuñay's Corporación Universal (Universal Corporation), since the broadcasting station was bought to the extinct Corporación Aeropuerto S. (Airport Corporation Inc.) where it belonged to with the departed radiostations like Radio A and R-700, both administrated by deceased politician and broadcaster Dr. A broadcasting station of varied music called Sabor Mix occupied on 95.5 MHz, which belonged to the same Corporación Aeropuerto S. where it was along with Radio A and R-700, in which it had to be shut down because that station didn't sell.

Meanwhile, the announcer Juan Carlos Hurtado, who laboured at the Hispanic Music station (Radio A), welcomed the manager who demonstrated his concern about what he wanted a radial product that has quality, popularity and above all that gets to the A1 customers as he called them.

Radio Zeta Rock & Pop (mostly known as "Z Rock & Pop" or simply as "Radio Z") is a most popular Peruvian radiostation at the style of Rock & Pop in Peru.

The new broadcasting station was set to go quietly on-air by 1 December, 15 December or when 1998 starts, but they selected so the radiostation goes on-air by 8 December 1997 for cabalistic question: for John Lennon, Jim Morrison (The Doors) and for being the Announcer's Day.

Long meetings were held among Juan Carlos, Ninoska and Hugo to find the name of the new station.

Therefore, the general manager Hugo Salazar Díaz, Mrs.

Martha Díaz Láinez Widow's son, in a risky businessman outburst decided to change the format to the station to bet for something newfangled and quality.

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