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This list optimizes for security versus convenience.

Don't to use anything older than an i Phone 5S, it wouldn't have the TPM.

With the support of the German hacker Luca Melette, Mr Coulthart demonstrated how to track its interlocutor by exploiting the security issue into the SS7.

It means anyone with a mobile phone can be hacked, can be bugged, can be harassed.” You could be bugged, tracked and hacked from anywhere in the world.anyone who has downloaded these apps can discover who that number belongs to.There are smaller competitors too; Whoscall, Hiya, and CIA App among them.It’s long been the dirty little secret of international espionage.What it means is that your smartphone is an open book.” 60 minutes Hacking Your Phone The flaws, which have been around for nearly 3 decades, are “really not much of a surprise” to Christoph Erdmann “The implications of it are enormous and what we find is shocking is that the security services, the intelligence services, they know about this vulnerability.” 1 Information exchanged between different mobile networks expose users to fraud and privacy risks.

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