Endpoint proactive threat protection not updating

In fact, this type of attack typically involves determined adversaries who may use any methods or techniques necessary.With the BYOD phenomena, a poorly maintained device represents a target of choice.Even managed devices can be compromised and become harmful.Organizations need to detect when security has been breached and react as early as possible in order to protect high-value assets.This section describes how to provision device health assessment in such a way that high-value assets can be protected from unhealthy devices.Devices that are used to access corporate resources must be trusted.Secure Boot is a firmware validation process that helps prevent rootkit attacks; it is part of the UEFI specification.The intent of UEFI is to define a standard way for the operating system to communicate with modern hardware, which can perform faster and with more efficient input/output (I/O) functions than older, software interrupt-driven BIOS systems.

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In Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios, employees bring commercially available devices to access both work-related resources and their personal data.

The device authenticates the user through a connection to an identity provider in the cloud.

If the managed asset contains highly confidential information, the conditional access engine of the identity provider may elect to verify the security compliance of the mobile device before access is granted.

The implementation of the risk management strategy, therefore, balances investment in prevention, detection, and response.

Because mobile devices are increasingly being used to access corporate information, some way to evaluate device security or health is required.

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