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Recent reports say Cudi has returned the favor by tapping Scott to appear on his forthcoming album, also features artists like Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar and André 3000.When discussing these last two collaborators in particular, Scott isn't shy about offering up his appreciation.This low-key vibe continues when Scott and his crew pile into a SUV en route to the airport.

The city makes crime data available to the public online through Data SF.But as much as his profile and platform have grown, Scott says he still finds himself confronted with people who doubt his opinions and talent."I feel like people don't want to trust the young idea," he laments."That's what I strive to be." feels like he's on the right track.From the woozy, psychedelic trip of "sdp interlude" to the grungy dancehall-inspired "guidance" to the slick "first take," the album is dark, intoxicating and idiosyncratic. And the one person he's wanted acceptance from his whole career, Kid Cudi, shows up for him not once but twice (he appears on "through the late night" and "way back").

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