Boyfriend still has active online dating profile

I may be a fuckboy, but I don't believe in taking shit from people, just because they can give it to you.If you're going to bring it up to him, you need to be calculated in how you do so.Since you don't mention such a status in the email, I'm going to assume it's not open. Your allowance communicates that your own insecurity in trying to keep him happy gives him power in the relationship. It's what I primarily did while I went to the bathroom, if I'm being grossly honest.

Not only does he have to delete the app, but he must delete his entire account, which is a different process entirely. Tell him that, while using the app might be some lighthearted fun for him, it's hurting you. If there were ever a situation that didn't need analyzing, this was it.I haven't logged onto my plenty of fish (pof) account in months - although I haven't deleted it, I don't use it and havent logged on.I went and just searched for him the other day (just by putting in details rather than logging in) as I was going to get him a gift which was related to something in his profile and I wanted to check this.Hey Nice Guy and Fuckboy, I wanted to ask you guys about Tinder.I've been dating my boyfriend for a year now, and we have a very solid relationship.

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