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Presbyopia is a condition that affects most people over the age of 40.

As we age, the natural lens of the eye becomes harder and less elastic.

Laser surgery is sometimes used although it is not suitable for everyone but there are other treatment options available through London Eye Hospital that can be discussed at the free consultation.

Astigmatism is a common and usually minor condition of the eye that causes blurred or distorted vision.

This means that light rays entering the eye are not focused properly, creating a blurred image. However, it sometimes develops after an injury to the eye or as a complication of an eye operation.

​ How it is diagnosed Astigmatism is usually diagnosed after a routine eye test, which often involves testing your ability to focus your eyes.

Several surgical techniques have also been developed to treat the condition.

Age-related long-sightedness is known as presbyopia. Your child will have their eyesight checked regularly as part of the routine screening programme.

However, you can have their eyes tested at any time if you are concerned about their vision. Long-sightedness can usually be easily corrected, but if left untreated it could cause more serious complications that will affect your child’s vision permanently (see below).

Eye tests for children are free up until the age of 16.

Read more about NHS eye care services and diagnosing long-sightedness.

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