Now, with over 320 published cases in the first half of 2012, not counting de minimis entries (defined as cases with merely cursory or passing mentions of social media) we are sharing the list here for our readers.

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There’s no need to review bm’s legacy here and we’re in the trust tree so I think we can speak honestly about him: bloodymage was an utter fumbledick, a category 4 moron who made the planet functionally stupider. God damn was this man lovable when viewed from afar! bm is the petty god of retarded aging neckbeards (please stat him up in comments for D&D, WFRP, Rune Quest, and Twilight: 2000), and could there ever be a divinity more appropriate or necessary to this hobby? play by post, probably taking the party through Dark Albion in search of big titties or a rape tournament or something…

Halimbawa, kapag hinihiling ng lalaki sa kaniyang asawa na ipaliwanag kung saan nito ginastos ang bawat sentimo, parang ipinakikita niyang wala siyang tiwala sa kakayahan ng babae na magbadyet ng pera ng pamilya.

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Seus pais englobam todos os estereótipos da classe trabalhadora britânica : estúpidos, simplórios, sem ambições, passam o tempo livre vendo televisão ou lendo tablóides sensacionalistas.

Michael played for Chelsea and their relationship was up and going for some time.